Kwale International Sugar Company Limited

Message to All Our Suppliers

We are implementing our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) under the SAP platform, as we migrate into this new system, we would like to receive from all our suppliers the following details:

  • Statement of Accounts up-to 31st December 2014 along with copy of supporting documents like invoices, LPO, Delivery Notes, payment proofs
  • Highlight of payments made by KISCOL/ other companies- where applicable (Form Attached)

In order to transfer the correct balance to our ERP system and Auditors Satisfaction we require the above..  

Kindly submit the same in hard copies in sealed envelopes by 20th February 2015, subsequently a meeting will be scheduled for reconciliations.  

Please note, that failure to submit the requested details by the deadline date, the system will not recognize the outstanding amounts and payments will be affected.  

Please return the original stamped copies to our head offices in Nairobi and a separate copy to  

Kindly comply.  

Director- Projects
Kwale International Sugar Company Limited.

Download forms here here here along with the checklist of supporting documents.

About Us

Kwale International Sugar Company Ltd (KISCOL) is a $200 million sugar processing facility that aims at offering affordable, locally grown sugar.


Efficiency is one of the main goals KISCOL has. In keeping with this, we have three main products from the factory operations.

CSR Activities

KISCOL's interest in giving back to the society has seen the birth of various CSR projects to benefit the Kwale County population.